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Dream and Slumber


Dream & Slumber is a floral essential oil synergy....

Face Magic


Face Magic is a delicately prepared pure argan oil based essential oil blend serum that helps you have a glowing and radiant skin! It helps reduce tanning and has anti-ageing properties.

Hair Care Oil


This essential hair care oil has been formulated....

Lavender Wrap – Large


Soothe and relax your body with our Microwaveable Body Wrap. Made with 100% pure cotton, our body wraps are filled with Herbs and lavender flowers to create a therapeutic wrap that can be used hot or cold. The soothing body wrap is designed to fit comfortably around the neck, over a shoulder, around an arm or leg, across the stomach or around the lower back. <strong>Size: 5 x 18 inches</strong>

No More Cramps


No more Cramps is an essential oil....


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