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About Us

Welcome to Oh My Oil

When I founded Oh My Oil, I knew there was a need for an aromatherapy company that had genuine concern for customers and offered affordable products, without compromising on the quality. While travelling around the world, learning everything I could about essential oils, its synergy blends and therapeutic herbs, it became clear that a new kind of natural business was necessary. My dream was to build a business that valued people over profit and dealt honestly while offering direct access to the many benefits of essential oils and herbs.

During my trips around the world, I remember sitting on a hill as the sun glistened in the sky and suddenly realizing how enriching nature can be. My soul felt quieted and soothed in a place that was so untouched by man. Incredibly, pure clean and fresh, I later learnt that essential oils offer the same refreshing and captivating experience found in nature. More people deserve that calmness in their daily lives.

The medicinal and healing qualities of essential oils and herbs are a reminder that GOD gave us almost everything we need for wholeness and health on this earth.

Oh My Oil is a company made for the people of Pakistan, for My people!

Thankyou for trusting Oh My Oil! We look forward towards serving and helping you live a healthy aromatic life!

Urooj Hasnain Poonawala

Urooj Hasnain Poonawala
Clinical Aromatherapist,
Clinical Herbalist,
ACCA Qualified,
Supply Chain expert



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